DIY 8'x8' Cork Wall

Make the perfect cork wall for your studio, home office or kid space.

Do you need to turn your home office into a more functional creative space? A cork wall is the answer.

I debated for months on how to make my home office a more functional studio space. The biggest need was a wall where I could layout seasonal line development for my footwear collection and a spot to quickly pin material swatches and inspirational images. I looked into getting an industrial size cork board, but it was going to cost around $800. So, my DIY determination kicked-in and I set out to build my own.

What You'll Need

Material List 2 4'x8' sheets of Home Insulation Board 2 cans of 3M Super 77 Adhesive 2 rolls 4'x8' Cork at 0.5" Thickness X-acto Blade

24 #8 x 2" Metal Screws and Sinkers

Drill with 1/4" Drill Bit

Black or White Duct Tape (optional)

Ladder and a Level

My initial challenge was that I did not want to adhere the cork directly to the wall (my husband would kill me) and I didn't want something that was incredibly heavy to hang. So after roaming the aisles of #homedepot, I landed on buying 2 sheets (4'x8') of home insulation board which were $19.99 each. (There were also smaller sizes available.) From Home Depot, I also bought 2 cans of 3M Supper 77 Spray Adhesive. Do not make the mistake in using contact cement. It will burn right through the foam insulation boards, trust me, I tried. I also ordered 2 rolls of 4'x8' of 0.5' thick cork from #michaels... Don't forget to use their promotion coupons... that saved me 50% off!

Easy Steps to Follow

Overall this was really easy. All you need is a large (outdoor/well-ventilated) work space and an extra set of hands every now and then.

  1. I laid out the insulation board and cork rolls in my garage with the doors open for proper ventilation. I had old card board lying around in the corner (Yes, I have one of those garages where you ha